Observing and Reporting: Pieces of a Puzzle

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    With Ed Snowden’s release of crucial information to the public, which has now setback the Intelligence gathering community for a number of months we have to look at the how and why this was done. Intelligence gathering consists of putting the pieces of a large puzzle together. Ed Snowden who as a contractor was able to get access to information and critical files was a brainless idiot for doing it. Perhaps he perceived himself as a hero; but in truth Snowden at the time of this writing who is holed up in a Moscow Airport is nothing more than a yellow coward and traitor whose 15 minutes of fame is soon to be expiring.

    The damage aside, what was being done was focusing on certain patterns. Clearly Snowden had no business in the Intelligence Community at all. The most importing thing to remember is that if you keep it out of the news, it never happened. How many attacks were prevented is an actual guess. That is why the United States has to do what it does; so that we do not have another “NINE-ELEVEN”. I ponder if Snowden is prepared to have the blood of the next terrorist attack victims on his hands? His mindset of being a hero falls far short and as for Mr. Julian Assange who is bird-in-feather with Snowden and whose organization seems bent on releasing more information that for the moment should never see the light of day; I wonder how Ecuador would react if there was a terrorist attack on their soil and that Snowden and Assange could be implicated for being responsible for crucial information not being linked together to stop it?

    Sometimes when observing and reporting, when it is done and how the information was obtained may outweigh the privacy of citizens. Now that the argument for stricter controls on intelligence gathering is made; we are risking putting restraints on the very group of organizations involved in solving a puzzle. It could be a phone number getting an abnormally high number of calls from cell phones belonging to or linked to terrorist cells operating in the Middle East. The person could be identified, watched and monitored. Are they going to areas that could be considered a high value target? Nothing worse than having a large gathering for the 4th of July and in the middle of the grand finally while the celebrants are distracted by the colorful explosions above and the music surrounding them; they are stuck from ground level by massive and well placed suicide bombers or other means of explosive placement that would be devastating.

    I would hope that the use of outside contractors be eliminated, even if it means it may cost more to do business; one could hope a more vetted and well trained individual would be a better fit than that twit Ed Snowden. I am concerned about the men and women in uniform who depend on intelligence to give them some sense on what to prepare for and yes look for out in the field. Intelligence is tedious and even with massive computer farms the size of a Nimitz Class Aircraft carrier; it still requires a human to discern and make that match that a computer program would overlook. As the old saying goes, “Stupid stuff in can mean stupid stuff out,” of a computer system. Snowden would have never even cut it as a Security Officer or even a Police Officer and I doubt he would have passed a psychological evaluation for a Police Officer in the first place; and that I think would and should have been conducted. A normal background check for work in the Intelligence field just does not cut it.

    Information gathering can take many forms, and while Ed Snowden is now the temporary guest of “NYET” Putin, (sorry but I just cannot give Putin his due so instead of President he gets the title of “NYET”) who has decided that Ecuador can prepare the paperwork for Snowden’s eventual travel to Ecuador via Cuba we have to depend on the more riskier “Boots on Ground” option of putting operatives into areas where there is a likelihood of getting crucial information that could stop terrorist attacks. While we have lost the element of surprise and efficiency of gathering certain data; we have to hope that any operatives that were deeply embedded in a cell of a terrorist group have not been compromised. I am sure “NYET” Putin would be keen to know if he has any leakers in his inner circle so while Snowden sits in no man land of the airport entry area I wonder how the copying of the computers are going? Snowden reportedly took three laptops with him and likely had other data holding devices such as DVD or even backup drives so there is no telling exactly how many intelligence gathering operations have been compromised.

    I would make this breach the equivalent of a major company who has employee’s use laptops for convenience. What if the employee’s leave the key to the laptop dock lock in place and an unscrupulous employee takes those laptops and does a bit of industrial espionage to get information for another company that helps an opposing company make a breakthrough. In the end it would be the word of one company over another when the challenge to a patent was being made. In this case of data loss and breach of security for the United States, it is like leaving the key to your house in the door or in the ignition to the car.

    Of course while Snowden was in Hong Kong, we can only guess how much data was “borrowed” there. While many countries in the world have a dim view of the United States at the moment and laughing too; we of course know that secrets can be fleeting. If you are planning on visiting Hong Kong and may be carrying sensitive company information one should likely consider Hong Kong a place for the Chinese to siphon any information they can lay their hands on in order to succeed at the next endeavor. So be wary and cautious; since it is likely little would be done there to help you.

    The next interesting point is how the United States would respond to a major incident in any country that has allowed Snowden to pass through. The mess with the Boston Marathon Bombing and the lack of communication screwed up the observation and reporting on the two suspects in the bombing, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev which had there been better communications and organized sharing it might not have happened. However now with the traitor, Snowden now ensconced in a Moscow Airport with the apparent approval of “NYET” Putin we have lost an important pathway for information sharing.

    Should there be a bombing in Russia with perhaps a suspect from the United States will we cooperate with any information that they will need? More than likely yes we will. Why, it is because we are Americans and will do what we can even if it is a sworn enemy. Remember to report anything out of place, or suspicious. It may result in the inconvenience of some; but in those few cases that it could be real someone’s observations can save a life.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA


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The Long Road to Now

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In late March of 2012, I had visited the Veterans Administration Hospital Clinic in Decatur, Georgia where my doctor after hearing my complaint about a lower back problem ordered a battery of tests and other exams at the main hospital. After X-Ray’s, MRI’s and additional X-Ray’s there was no doubt I had a mess of a problem in the lower back. My back end got mangled after a nasty and rather frightening fall aboard a US Navy Guided Missile Destroyer in 1980; that was estimated at about 22 feet. I as a young seaman had walked across the forecastle and had stepped into some liquid, which to my dismay as I later found out was diesel fuel. Some enginemen, while refueling the emergency diesel generator had spilled it but had not cleaned it up; and I stepped in it and as I entered the scuttle which is a small hatch on the top of a larger hatch ended up taking the express route to the bottom.

My butt, smacked to last two steps of the ladder at the very bottom before I slammed feet first into the deck and then bouncing into the anchor windless room of the Charles F. Adams class Guided Missile Destroyer, USS Richard E. Byrd (DDG-23) where I found myself face first on the steel deck pondering just what the hell had happened. A fellow shipmate found me, and helped me to sickbay where the ship’s medic gave me the once over and some aspirin and sent me back to work. So much for that treatment and I would over the years continue to endure the painful reminder of my crash landing on a steel deck that amazingly did not break any bones.

I decided after an additional visit to put in for limited disability compensation, as it was frankly becoming more and more difficult to deal with the pain. I have ended up seeing a pain doctor at the Veterans Hospital in Decatur where I am getting injections to help alleviate the pain. You have not had fun until, you get needles stuck in your spine though once the doctor who is doing the injecting gets done it will at least keep things back there down to a dull roar for the next three months. I put in for the disability in April of 2012, and finally got to see an independent examiner who in February of 2013 took more X-Ray’s, had me try to bend and flex every which way.

Bending and flexing is no longer much of an option nor is heavy lifting the order of the day either. If I have dropped something it is go to the knee’s and hopefully reach it if possible or if at home use the handy-dandy picker upper grabber which unfortunately I can’t carry around one at work so in short it can be a real pain in the back side if I drop something. Being limited now to what I can do, I have not been able to do what I love to do and that is gardening and general yard work. It is hire the local yard work folk and pay them to do it. My trusty John Deere, I have not run in nearly two years now because of the back problems as the pain from man-handling the mower which is self-propelled became too much.

As a Veteran, I am not alone with issues; as other veterans seeking to get disability payments to help with life’s general issues have to go through a long wait and see process. I was told to expect another six month wait for any decision, and there is no guarantee that I will be able to receive the payments. I will have to still endure the pain and get by as best as I can.

I am thankful I am not taking hardcore pain killers, the ones I am taking deal mainly with the nerve and joint pain that is associated with the back issues. Remember the impact that I wrote of? That same impact affected the hips too, and the right side is showing that too now that I am aging. Those that are young and get away with what they think are bruises at first; will be like me when they hit their 50’s. What was I thinking when I did something stupid like that.

    What is next for me? Well I am experiencing both numbness and locking finger joints in both hands, so there is a doctor appoint for a surgeon to examine my hands and arms. I have already had X-Rays too, so problems with my right hand that are growing I have been practicing writing with my left hand. I truly feel like I am back in kindergarten again; trying to write something legible. The results are awful to say the least. Of course as Veteran’s like me age, we face other issues too. Having a heart murmur discovered during a yearly health exam in November of 2012; I had to wait for an exam appoint in February of 2013 to see a specialist. Unlike those who may have insurance that is well off, Veteran’s like me who are now depending on the VA for help have to wait in line.

    As we go forward into the New Year, the government has to of course cut costs. Those that are in Congress are now bitching about those cuts, are the ones with pet projects in their districts. A lot of them seem to forget that Veterans are seeing less support, while the shiny and a lot of times wasteful projects that are being constructed or improved upon seem to be sucking a lot of money away from other issues that need to be addressed. I will hope to see that the wasteful projects are cancelled and the funds being wastefully spent be redirected to the Veterans Administration to help the millions of veterans that need the help. Frankly new and shiny does not always work too well and if the crap costs a Billion Dollars a copy and you want 500 of the stupid things that don’t really work too well at all, then we can send some real estate agents to the Hill and sell them boneheads some beach front property in Nevada. That is of course after we sell off California and break it off at the San Andreas Fault, and the buyer would be China of course since they likely own ninety percent of it already.

    I will keep you posted on my future adventures with the disability issues. The one thing I do want to point out is that surgery is my last option; since the area of the spine in question is the L3 and L4 with a large and nasty cist sitting in there between them. I would have to get full disability just for that option to even be considered. Not a fun thought at the moment.

Have a nice day folks and when you see a Vet, say thanks.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, Georgia USA.

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The Treatment the Participation and Goal

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It is frustrating for many US Military Veterans, when seeking treatment that it can take months to get into a specific treatment program. I have no insurance, so I depend on the Veterans Administration like so many other Vets. It still amazes me to see congress haggle over the latest and greatest military gear that in the end; costs a billion dollars a copy and ignore the needs of the men and women who have been in the military.

In Decatur, Georgia where the main VA Hospital is located you can bank on not finding a parking space after 9 AM; as the overcrowded hospital deals with around 5,000 to 10,000 vets PER DAY. Your appointments when you can get them are sometimes months apart that lead to frustrated Vets and families. Currently I am dealing with a deteriorated spine and a hip that is painful and is slowing me down. I love to work, and my job requires a lot of walking and thankfully my employer allows me to use a cane to get around.

Part of the issue of overcrowding is the lack of facilities; and Georgia is not alone in this. Recently the VA celebrated the opening of another treatment facility in Carroll County Georgia near the Alabama line. It is hoped that it will ease the crowding and the long trips to Decatur, Georgia coming from that part of the state.

Still we need congress to participate more in getting treatment for the Veterans. It matters not who the president is, when the call goes out to deploy troops to hotspots it is carried out; but again little forethought is given to the treatment of the wounded troops who are introduced to overcrowding in VA Hospitals when they are discharged from active duty. Congress, both Republican Party and Democratic Party members have to get off their ASS’s. It is that just plain and simple. Put aside the politics and start working together, even if it means alienating the cash cows in the form of lobbyists’ and big business. Call your congress person, senator person and have him, her or it (sometimes one will ponder if their representative is even human) and to look at increasing the number of treatment facilities for the troops that have served; and those that have yet to serve and will need the treatment and help once when they get home.

Now onto other matters; I play Star Trek Online and generally have a lot of fun. Participation is a must in a fleet and with the recent rollout of Season Six where Starbase’s were introduced as a social hub for Fleet Members. Prior to the rollout, players were scrambling to “form” their own fleets in hopes of getting a starbase of their own. As I had theorized with my Fleet Members in Caspian Division (www.caspian-division.com) those players faced with the huge amount of material needed to even complete their base have been dissolving their fleet and joining larger and more established fleets. Crucial to any fleet in Star Trek Online is the participation of its members. There are some items in game that require the player to do missions to acquire these items.

Basically the goal of the fleet is to contribute to the projects when then add certain features to the starbase; whether it is the virtual bar and grill or the Fleet Bank and Personal Bank. One also contributes to projects that will add specialized items such as Fleet Weapons, Shields and Engines to specialized ground weapons. In the end the goal is to maintain the supplies of the fleet so that players can participate in the more sophisticated missions that are in the game.

Remember to reach a goal working together is crucial and whether it is in the real world or the virtual it takes participation.

Have a great day!

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA

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A Labor Day Weekend

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Saturday morning and even though it is a holiday weekend, I am up and atom by 630 AM. I putter around the house for a bit, letting the fur ball out to do his morning business as I go out the other way to get the morning paper.

I head for the kitchen, its time to make coffee and as I get that going my mother comes in and we decided on a bacon, eggs and toast breakfast. After breakfast, I read the paper catching up with the local news and their reports on Hurricane Gustav.

After the paper, it was time to turn my attention to yard work but I decide to get the maintenance of the vehicles out of the way before getting that particular chore done. The Burgman, was just shy of turning over to 800 miles, 200 miles have since passed after the scheduled maintenance was performed.

I prefer to be cautious, and take the time to ensure all the fluids are up to snuff along with tire pressures etc, and end up topping the main oil of the Burgman with over a 1/2 quart of 10W-40 Shell Rotella. 

I check the tire pressures then after that is done, take care of the yard work.

I set the John Deer JS63C cut settings to the highest levels, and change it over to the mulch option. The mulch helps form a protective layer beneath the grass and with the taller grass it has a deeper root system. I have been able to keep my yard green longer that way, while others have had theirs turning brown.

After the yard work and trimming down the weeds, I finish up the cars. The tires on the Versa, I set to 35 PSI on the Michelin Hydroedges and on the Bridgestones that are on the Cobalt I set those to 32 PSI. 

The Cobalt needs a tad bit of oil and brake fluid DOT 3 of course and that is taken care of.

After a snack, I head out to shoot some video at the local airport for a little bit of fun with a video posted on YouTube. P-Diddy had a bit of a rant concerning the high gas prices and the amount it cost to fill the jet for the ride to and from the crib and his music studio.

MY funny little video can be viewed here.

Anyway, I am just going to relax and have a good weekend.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA

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The Political Debate of Experience Whose Qualified

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The Presidential Elections, of 2008 will go down in history as to who was the most qualified to be in the White House. When Senator Barrack Obama introduced his running mate in Illinois, Senator Joe Biden; some perceived it to be a gaff. I viewed it as something that might very well come true in eight years. President Biden, begins term in 2016.

There is an apparent bit of discontent in the Hillary camp, that their candidate was not chosen to become the Vice Presidential Candidate. Hillary, became too greedy almost self-effacing to the point that even those within her own campaign wondered if they had not created a monster who wanted power. Hillary displayed no self control at times, her over the line bitter attacks against Obama made me ponder if she was still sane, sane enough to become president never mind lack of experience.

It is obvious Senator Barrack Obama is inexperienced, my original thought of having former Senator Sam Nunn as his running mate of course did not come to be; instead Senator Joe Biden was selected. Still the cries from Senator McCain, that Obama is inexperienced and charging that he is does not wash with me.

No where in the Constitution does it say you have to have experience, only that you be 35 years old. You don’t have to have served in the military, (Hillary could not use that against Barrack, because she never served nor did her two-timing womanizing hubby. Imagine if she got back in the White House and he moved back in, what kind of whacky place it would become.)

We learn from experience, or we have others who have had experience join our team and we succeed. Biden, who is rather capable of doing some serious face down and knowing what to say at the right moment is a key asset. People will point out, previous interviews where he attacked Senator Obama over the course of the selection process; but those words were meant to influence rather than bring forth hatred. 

I think the lack of experience will be beneficial for all of us. Barrack Obama, will use judgement and decisions of those that came before him and he like all presidents before him had others he could confide in when a decision became a harsh one.

McCain’s attack commercials already point out Obama will raise taxes which in turn will strain the economy. I think we pretty much know that somewhere down the line; some taxes will have to be raised, lowered and or imposed to help the nations economy recover. One of the first things that if elected, Obama should submit to Prime Minister Putin of Russia is the payment for the theft of the four Hummers; taken from a port in former Soviet Georgia. (Why am I hung up over the Hummers? They are the property of US Tax Payers and not some jackass Russian Major in command of an armored platoon. Oh PM Putin that check will need to be made out to the United States Treasury for the sum of $220,000 USD and not the Russia ruble.)

Still experience aside, there will be those who will test Obama, I believe those that do will learn harsh lessons. Don’t sell Senator Barrack Obama short, he is intelligent and has great leadership qualities even if he is not from Georgia.

Consider the term experience. How do we all become experienced, we do so by learning from others. Senator Joe Biden when first elected to represent the people, Obama was just 11 years old. Obama, made that choice for Biden because of HIS experience. So remember that gaff at the introduction in Illinois? Think about the year 2016 when former Vice President Biden is sworn in as President of the United States.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA

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Weekend of Writing and Relaxing

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I decided this weekend that I was going to relax a bit after getting the few chores I had to do out of the way.

One of the most important was the emissions test for the 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt that belongs to my mother. After getting it out and warming the car up I took it to the local emissions testing station where the car successfully passed.

After returning home I took the Burgman out and of course had the camera mounted but did not find anything of interest to post to You Tube, so the Saturday ride was a bust so to speak. So I did take the time later that evening to program the new remotes.

I spent the afternoon at Get Coffee, www.getcoffee.com preparing to start a new story for my fans on www.fanfiction.net. I am doing a Full Metal Panic! Story line this time around, as I am not quit ready to do another NOIR, which can be rather draining and lengthy.

I spent the evening on Saturday watching the Olympics like anyone else but without the sound, instead I listened to music I have on iTunes and did so while writing the beginning of the Full Metal Panic! story line that I am initially calling Focal Point.

With Saturday out of the way, I did the begging of my Sunday chores and had to do some errands. I badly needed new remotes for the garage door and purchased a couple while making my next errand the bookstore where I purchased a motorcycle riders safety manual.

Titled, Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well and written by David L Hough I bought it to compliment the rider safety book that is published by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Then I spent the evening working on the fan fiction story that I am writing while watching more of the Olympics. I did not care too much for the commentators, I just spun the iTunes on the MacBook and began writing away with my earphones on. Later on I saw President Bush appearing with one of the talking heads, but never bothered to listen to the blather.

Then I decided it as time to catch the blog up.

Next week, I have two sessions at an off-site printing location and will have to drive a department car to the location. The weather is not expected to cooperate much next week either as I will likely have to use the Nissan Versa during the middle of the week.

For most folks in Georgia, school will start tomorrow and that means kids, buses, dysfunctional parents on cell phones, speeding SUV’s and others too will be thrown into the mix. I have given it some thought to mount the camera onto the Burgman and make a pass through of some of these zones in the early hour before heading into work but will decide if its worth it or not.

So folks watch your speed, because there is  nothing worse than having a “Bleed and Lead” story at 5 PM to report a child run over and killed by stupid and idiotic driver.

Have a great week. 

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA






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Review Contracts and Forward to the Next Week

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With Sunday being my usual day of chores, I started the laundry and turned my attention to items that had been left off the original grocery list. Since there was not a lot of stuff to get, I took the Burgman out for the grocery run.

There is perhaps an advantage over standard motorcycles that the Suzuki Burgman has and that is the internal storage underneath the seat. Arriving at Kroger where I usually shop, I was hesitant to leave the Burgman in a regular parking space; so I parked in the gore area near the handicap area. No one objected to my parking situation which was better than parking it in the fire lane something that I am not too fond of doing.

With the shopping done, I headed for the pharmacy only to mentally kick myself as I discovered they don’t open till 11 AM, so I headed back home to get the eggs and other stuff where they belonged then turned my attention to the laundry before stepping out at doing a camera run on the Burgman; at which I was also looking to locate a business I had to make a pre-delivery to before the week after next for fingerprinting.

I figured since the material I am delivering is small, the Burgman will be used to make the delivery, since all it is are a couple stacks of fingerprint cards that have to be filled out in advance by employees of the company I am fingerprinting. 

Mother returned after seeing a play and we sat down and discussed the pest control contract, and she was not happy about the whole thing so I will be busy cleaning more of the underside of the house and garage out for access by the company and of course will have to come home to observe and let the people who will be digging the trench into the basement area.

So much for the other type of treatment, but the added expense is not really worth it and factoring in the costs despite the lifetime warranty of such an installation we will have to use the 5 year bug and pest control system. 

Looking ahead to next week, we have a run off election on Tuesday and of course there is the matter that school will be starting too in many areas. I expect that is when we will see a spike in fuel use, and so things will be likely heading back up.

I found it interesting after reading an article concerning Saudi Arabia which while charging only .45 cents a gallon for gas is struggling with the high costs of foods and other services.

With a larger population to spread the wealth, there is less largess to trickle downward, making the average Saudi cringe as they deal with the rising costs too. Many are upset at we here in the United States would be pointing fingers at them for their initial refusal increase production. All I can say is that we were asking for the increase to help bring the fuel prices down so that there would be not too much of a rise with food stuffs and other things that are fuel dependant but the OPEC yahoo’s were a tad bit too worried about the payment for the new car or race horse or camel. Now you see why were asked for that increase, but that is a case for the Saudi King to deal with.

Anyway have a great week, keep conserving and yep folks the Burgman did just fine after the 600 mile service and is humming right along.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA


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Saturday having Fun With Video

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I was up early enough on Saturday to take a spin on the Burgman to film some video with the Sony. I have decided to install the additional camera mount I have into the Nissan Versa so the camera can be within reach when I traveling.

I had did a small bit of filming on Friday, but only caught one really out of place driver who was trying to make a left turn from a traffic lane instead of using the left turn lane that was actually next to them. 

I used some video I took on Friday to do a short spot on Get Coffee and posted it to You Tube under my account there.  So you can find it under saulsse on You Tube.

I did a couple of other videos; I am using the selections to expand my learning of the IMovie program that is on the MacBook.

I have begun adding sound effects and of course music to my videos which is enhancing the final appearance. Still learning as I go, I know I can improve on what I will film in the future.

Saturday turned out mostly overcast, not a great day for videotaping. Still it is a lot better than being stuck inside the house while it is raining. Still it is going to cut into my day at Get Coffee as it is now sprinkling.

Have a great weekend, and try to stay dry.


Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA

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Saturday and Successful Video

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Well with the arrival of Saturday morning, I was up before 7 AM. After having breakfast of ham biscuits, I set out to do another video run on the Burgman with the Sony Video Camera.

Using the Memory Card vice the hard drive of the Sony, I had a great video run lasting nearly an hour. I used segments of the video for upload to You Tube. Some are hilarious and others not so hilarious, since one showed a knuckle head running a red light delibertly.

Fortunately he hit no one and he and his Ford Explorer are on You Tube under Lammo Redlight Runner.

While out riding I came across some really young kids riding battery powered scooters. Fortunately they know the rules of the road but their parents forgot the other safety gear stuff like helmets and a special flag that can be attached to their rides to make them more visible.

I went shopping with my mother to Lowe’s Home Improvement to get some house plants for her new office at work. (She accepted the promotion she was asked to take.)

Afterward, I spent the afternoon at Get Coffee working on editing the videos and then uploading them to You Tube.

The weather is getting hot again, the rain we should have got is headed north being sucked up by a tropical depression. Makes for great riding weather, but other things don’t do so well.

Well have a great weekend and stay safe.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA

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Ending a Friday and Testing on Saturday

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Well as Friday ended for us, the news was not so good as two mortgage firms Freddie-Mae and Freddie-Mac both were rumored to be in trouble send the markets into a tailspin and with that mess oil went up again.

I was happy when Friday came to a close and I could go out the door. I headed home and with my mother doing a lot better we went out for dinner (local Sub-Way) at the Super Center Wal-Mart.

After dinner it was off to gather a few items we needed (looking for deals, we found some) and finished the grocery shopping by 8 PM, then it was back to the house. We did manage to avoid the heavy rain, which had fell earlier in the day. 

Come Saturday morning, I had homemade from scratch biscuits and ham, which we got from Wal-Mart the day before. After the breakfast, I read the paper then checked on the video camera I had charged up the night before. 

I decided to use my Saturday to test out the video camera and mount that I would be fitting to the Suzuki Burgman.

The video which can be found on www.youtube.com under My First Video title is the first actual video I have ever done, so it might be a bit goofy looking.

Main issue I am having is vibration problems with the camera, which is a Sony DCR-220 Hard Drive camera. It is rather sensitive to vibration so it looks like I would have to go with the memory card that the camera supports.

I am going to try to locate an anti-vibration mount that I can add to the RAM Mount to help isolate the camera from the vibrations transmitted by the motorcycle.

Well that is all I have for the moment, have a great weekend.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA




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