The Aftermath and Moving Forward

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It is Friday afternoon, and I am enjoying my one of two days off before I head back to work on Sunday. I work a swing shift so my last shift is an overnight and when I get off in the morning; other people are headed to work. I get home, have breakfast and read the Atlanta Journal Constitution while watching the locale news. Heading to bed, I usually sleep around 6 hours then I get up and peruse the Internet news reports and make some coffee using the Keurig coffee maker. I like the Green Mountain coffee not only for its price but its flavor and when I buy it at Costco for example in the 80 count box it works out to about 34 cents per cup so and being that it is Fair Trade; Green Mountain it in turns benefits the folks in South America where the beans are obtained.

Of course the election cycle being over with, I watched the aftermath of those upset that President Barack Obama had won. Emory University Professor Drew Linzer had run a modeling program and had as early as July 2012 determined the President Barack Obama would win with 332 Electoral votes to Governor Mitt Romney’s 206. Professor Linzer results which he had posted to stood up to his forecasts and predictions remarkably well considering that Florida was still counting the votes after Romney’s concession speech. President Obama dismayed at what still is happening in Florida said “We really need to fix that!” and Mr. President, I whole heartedly agree. Here in Georgia, Fulton County which has had a history of screwing up elections did it again and looks like it is too trying to mimic Florida; leaving the Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, to send investigators find out what is wrong and fix it before the Georgia Legislator gets sick of the mess and ends up allowing the creation of 160 counties which would allow for the establishment of Milton County which was at one time part of the Atlanta area from 1857 to 1933. Milton was eventually absorbed and became what is now part of Fulton County. It was ironically for financial reasons this occurred and in recent years because of an unwieldy government (in other words rather bloated) calls for the recreation of Milton County has come forth. For those of you wanting more information about the weirdness can go to this link where there is much more detailed information.,_Georgia

Of course one could not avoid Donald Trump and his obnoxious behavior. His cry “Charge Forward!” was clearly from a man unable to deal with the defeat of Governor Mitt Romney; and some reporters at NBC were frankly tired of his ranting and there was for a brief while a “Twitter” war at least until Trumpinator deleted some of the Twittered Twits he had made; but it was too late and they are out on the web so have some fun and spend the afternoon or weekend catching up on the nonsense that spewed forth. It is no secret that Donald Trump is the unofficial head of the so called Birther Movement which for the past four years waged various court battles over the legitimacy of President Barack Obama’s citizenship. Yes he was born in Hawaii and as far as I am concerned the president is a United States Citizen; which leads to why Mitt Romney’s citizenship was never challenged. Romney has some Mexican cousins, several of which lamented over his election loss. In my personal view, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian background and the other melting pots of cultures that makes up America if there is irrefutable proof that you were born in the United States or in a medical facility such as a United States Military Hospital then you have the right to choose your life’s goals and no one blinded by a color barrier should ever stand in the way of that goal.

Continuing into the next four years with a divided Congress will be challenging for the president. I got a good chuckle out of watching House Speaker John Boehner (R) of Ohio preening himself during election day confident that Governor Mitt Romney would win the election and they would proudly march forward and “fix” things that he and fellow Republican’s had seen President Obama supposedly screw up. Then there was Wednesday morning, and Boehner who is a rather emotional guy; I expect he kept the guy or gal with the mop bucket busy swabbing up the flood in his room. Boehner, since the election results has been busy holding news conferences which are covering numerous issues including the debt ceiling limit or fiscal cliff. He has little choice and so do the Democrats who are in my view just as guilty of not working together to come to a mutual conclusion. (Personally, if I had my druthers I would lock the lot of them up in one big room and keep them there until an agreement was reached.)

Congress, with the Senate expecting a record number of women this year to take seats twenty in all might prove useful in smacking some common sense into their male counterparts when it comes to reaching agreements. There is nothing easy about the decisions to be made, and it will be a matter of damned if you do and damned if you don’t; because either way some will have to give and something will have to take. It is a matter of perspective. The issues range from the budget, the pork barrels are sure to be loaded with a side helping of fat to immigration, jobs, military veterans seeking jobs, civilians seeking jobs, domestic and foreign policy issues to dealing with Taliban, Al Qaida, and Iran among others. The President and Congress both will have to deal with the ongoing issues involving both China and Japan with hopes of opening inroads into Vietnam to help take pressure off of Okinawa which is in an uproar over attacks by US Military Personnel on the citizens and to perhaps relocate troops (screened of course) to get China’s attention as this would put us on a different approach and view forcing their military to reallocate forces and rethink tactics too.

Well, have a great day and enjoy what you are drinking whether it is your favorite coffee brew or that cup of tea with a dash of honey you can go wrong. (I enjoy Earl Grey Tea in cup form by the way.)

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, Georgia USA

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Cooperation in Game and Real Life Too

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When we work together, we can achieve a common goal. In the game Star Trek Online; players who work together can complete the mission at hand whether it is working towards defeating the Borg and getting that rare drop or helping out a struggling player. When Season Six launched it introduced the Fleet Starbase’s which would allow for a social hub for fleet members to meet each other, purchase items from the starbase vendors and of course participate in projects that increase the functions of the starbase itself. The projects that are part of building the starbase vary but the purpose is to help stock and provide items that can be purchased by fleet members using Fleet Credits earned by contributing to the very projects.

We have seen the effect of non-cooperation in the real world; where Congress which has yet to really give us a balanced budget because of their fear of losing their seats translates to being childish. It seems both parties are locked in to attacking each other’s candidates for the nation’s highest office while the people’s issues are ignored. When you ignore an ongoing issue say inside a game during a mission where for example one has to keep 10 probes from passing through a gate into the past; you can have mission failure. It goes back to people who are still trying to get President Barack Obama thrown off the Democratic ticket because they are so entrenched into believing that he was not born in Hawaii. The only ones benefiting at the moment in that non-issue is the lawyers who happily file the motions while charging idiots considerable sums of money; that after the repeated attempts one sitting federal judge fed up with the stupidity finally began dismissing the cases with the words “Dismissed with Extreme Prejudice” to end the filings themselves. Consider it a self-destruct button, once you press it things go kaboom and you are done for the moment; however in Star Trek Online we just respawn and have at it again.

Of course in Star Trek Online, a question arose with regards to the earned Fleet Credits that one had obtained in contributing to Fleet Projects. What if the player decided to leave a fleet that was seeing little if any activity and joined another fleet; would their credits follow? Of course they would and many who had hurriedly formed fleets in hopes of having their very own private starbase soon learned that you have to have a lot of members to get anything done. As I had forecast to members of the fleet I belong to in Star Trek Online, Caspian Division would began getting new members within a month of the Season Six rollout. The main reason we kept hearing for them joining was the shear amount of work it would take; and having been part of the small and hastily formed fleets there were little if any help from individuals who after seeing the amount of materials needed were leaving the new fleets and joining well established fleets like Caspian Division or it’s Klingon Sister Fleet, House of Caspian.

Cooperation between the Republicans and Democrats would be recommended no matter who wins the election in November of 2012. Understand that sooner or later the people who are already fed up with the do nothing behavior will seek some form of action that will get notice from congress as a whole; because there is a problem that I have with people who make a promise that certain things will happen. Romney would do well to say I will “TRY” to create 12 million new jobs over promising that he WILL give the United States 12 million new jobs. As for cooperation with other countries, who like us are sharing in the pain of having no jobs; no matter who is president it will take cooperation with other world leaders as well. Great Britain too has high unemployment, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France (which has one of the weirdest employment systems in the world) too as is China which is now showing signs of a slowdown will impact other countries just as the United States has. Other Asian countries, Japan, Korea, Thailand (which suffered a major setback last year due to flooding) they all are struggling to stay in step and give jobs to their own people. It is after all a vicious circle for all of us.

Cooperation and lending a helping hand goes a long way whether in game or real world. In Star Trek Online, I had created a new character (this one makes number eleven) and I was cruising about in the game when I noted on the in-game chat that someone needed help with a mission. It did not matter if they were in another fleet or not; as I responded and teaming up with them helped out to complete a patrol mission in the Federation starting sector. That cooperation with that player helped them decided to join the Caspian Division Fleet. Republican or Democrat, it matters not. Lending a hand and cooperating to complete a goal is what we all need to do.

As for January, can we expect more of the same uncooperation from congress over the budget and other actions or more infighting? I would like to see cooperation, if not the voter needs to pigeon hole their respective representative and I mean in their face too! Of course write, flood their fax machines and blow up their e-mail; make your voices heard. If you are going to have to vote for a new representative of congress or the senate choose wisely. Just about the only way to get an entrenched member of congress to leave is either vote them out or they get reelected until they end up being carried out on a stretcher or wheeled out in a wheel chair drooling all over themselves while still trying to vote for their “paid” interests.

Cooperation means work and jobs; no cooperation means nothing will still get done.

Have a nice day.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA

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