Congress that is nothing but Trouble

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    Well it is that time of the year again where the members of the Senate and House of the United States Congress refuse to work together and aim for a government shutdown because of Obamacare. The new health care law is for many appears to be an unpopular option and for members of the do nothing congress it is a perfect target to forward their agendas.

While I am too affected by the upcoming changes of Obamacare; I believe that it will help with the spiraling costs of healthcare and even the medications that we all use. Congress of course is facing the fact they would have to drop the free healthcare they get and they don’t like it. They are even trying to get themselves exempt along with their staff members. One dummy Republican Phil Gingrey of Georgia while involved with discussions over the healthcare law bitched about his salary being too low as a member of Congress. He makes $172,000 a year as my representative; however he now wants to be elected to the Senate. No cookie for you, my vote will go towards someone more worthy and perhaps more reliable. Anyone who thinks THAT is not enough money does not need to be in Congress either as a representative or even as a senator.

I have been looking towards a newcomer named Michelle Nunn, who perhaps has some better sense and who father served in the Senate, Senator Sam Nunn –D-Georgia, who as a Democrat served with distinction and gave the citizens of Georgia and the United States a great service. Should we as the American people start looking at the new comers to replace those that are now in Congress that refuses to give us a budget that will make the United States stable so that the rest of the world is comfortable? I believe that is the case and I would hope that those that have incumbents will consider their removal from office by the power of the vote.

We can send the emails or even better put pen to paper and start writing letters and mailing them in droves; since this would benefit the US Postal Service send a letter to the Do-Nothing Senator or Representatives office in your home state and then send another to their office in Washington too. Drive them crazy (and make their staff work) by sending the letters certified mail, return receipt requested. We of course should send some boxes of tissues to that cry baby representative from Ohio, John Boehner a Republican from Ohio who as Speaker of the Do-Nothing House while passing Senator Harry Reid –R-NV, publicly told Senator Reid to “Go F**K himself”, and continued on his way past the startled Reid. Frankly, seeing this kind of behavior makes me wonder if Boehner needs to have a psychological examination by a doctor. Saying that, I am sure Phil Gingrey who is a doctor but one who practices medicine and not psychology would have someone in mind who can give him one; of course at no charge. The bill would be footed onto the American people.

There are other problems too with the threat of a government shutdown. There is a grim possibility that the men and women of the United States Armed Forces will not have a paycheck when this shutdown takes place. I ponder if Congress would change their mind if some dependents show up at their offices with bills that are due and that cannot be paid because of their actions? Would they the Do-Nothings open their checkbooks and pay the bills? Probably not, and they would send them off to agencies that are shut down because of their stupidity and lack of proper leadership. I ask others facing the probability of a shutdown; should we continue to have these childish actions shape our daily lives or plan on looking forward to electing someone who will respect the office and the people who have sent them there and do a job that has to be done no matter what their party affiliation? I would hope that many will decide to remove the Do-Nothings and those who seem to think that their $172,000 yearly salary is a mere pittance and send one who will work.

Of course besides our own idiots from Georgia in Washington being dumb and crying about their salary we have our Georgia Governor, Nathan Deal-R, who decide not to help the citizens of Georgia in getting healthcare. Instead of setting up a Healthcare Exchange in Georgia; the snake-eye governor now looking for a second term refused President Obama’s Healthcare Law and with the head of Georgia’s Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph T. Hudgens-R refused to put up any information on any Georgia website that can be easily found to help their citizens get the needed healthcare that many should get. Governor Deal who has faced a couple of ethics investigations and campaign violations by the skin of his teeth, is up for reelection in 2014 needs to be nudged none too gently out of office for his lack of leadership. I expect more ethics investigations to be carried out not by the appointed individuals but perhaps by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation as there have been reports that some incriminating reports were ordered removed by a woman named Holley LaBerge who is head of the Georgia Ethics Commission, and as she once exclaimed “I own the Governor”, Ms. LaBerge that is one agency that you cannot “OWN”.

Everyone have a great weekend and of course stock up for the government shut down/lockdown again. I am sure the childishness will continue.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA.


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The Stone and Sacrifice

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Well it has happened again, I had another kidney stone that had to be removed by surgical means. As a result with medical bills that are not fully covered by the so called medical insurance provider Beech Street Insurance; I had to sell the Harley-Davidson so that I could concentrate on getting the medical bills taken care of.

I do feel a lot better, however the infection that had set in caused my blood sugars to run wild. I am slowly getting those back under control but with any kind of infection there are bound to be complications. I am taking ciprofloxacin, the same antibiotic that one would take in an anthrax exposure. I will be taking those for the next two weeks.

Well being able to work is a good thing, and I was back to work the next day after surgery too. Though sore from the procedure and having a stint inside me I would say everything went well afterward. The stint was removed a couple of days later in the urologist’s office. I go back in two weeks for a follow-up.

It appears that the House Speaker Representative Boehner, is hell-bent on derailing anything from the President when it comes to jobs and their creation. I will be happy when he gets unelected along with some of the others who have been holding up the decisions.

Will congress please stop screwing around and swallow the bitter pill that you all know can not be avoided and take action. The people and myself are overall just plain tired of the crap that has been taking place.

Okay, so the Post Office is in serious trouble these days and my own local post office has become so bad that they apparently never delivered a certified letter to me. I finally got the notice a full MONTH after it was supposed to have been delivered. One issue that the postal service needs to address is customer service. Assign someone to deliver the certified stuff instead of giving it to the regular carrier; since they apparently can not be bothered to walk up to the front door and ring the door bell.

I used to know my carrier by NAME, now I am lucky to even see the same one twice in a week. As for getting to the post office, with them now closing so early I have to wait for my day off to take care of any business with them; and doing so in person can be difficult when they only have one clerk at the front working and you have twenty or more people standing in line.

Frankly the whole postal service needs a good swift kick in the pants to get them back into proper operating order; of course the excuse of not having enough mail to deliver will not fly either. Learn to do more with less and retire the fluff if you don’t need them.

Well have a good weekend.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA


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When the Health Insurance Does Not Protect

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It was April of 2011 and I had a medical emergency that required an emergency room visit. I ended up having treatment for some kidney stones the size of walnuts that ended up having to be medically treated. There were numerous tests and at no time was I notified that my health insurance was not covering the emergency room visit or the tests which eventually made the determination that I would have to have surgical intervention by a urologist.

The company that administers the health insurance plan has become nothing more than a company collecting nearly $125 USD a month for coverage that had become pathetic. Known by their primary name of Beech Street  which is part of the Viant Network, I have come to the conclusion that they can barely be called a health insurance company.

I got the bill from the hospital for the emergency room visit, which some  of the charges I will be disputing ended up being over $6,156 USD. I got that bill in August and my emergency room was in April of 2011. So yeah one can now understand my view of Beech Street. If any employee of a company is told that their new provider will be Beech Street, refuse the coverage and get your own. Even the pharmacy coverage is so lacking that paying nearly $200 USD a month just for insulin makes the insurance provider coverage lacking in every way.

I will be seeking my own coverage and will be kicking Beech Street to the curb.

In short it means if I am bleeding, having a heart attack or other serious emergency as the coverage reads, going to the emergency room will not be covered. So getting hurt off the job would not be good. This issue of ensuring that you have emergency room coverage in your policy along with pharmacy coverage will be crucial in prevent the surprises that I am now experiencing.

Another issue is ensuring that your primary doctor is in the coverage for the insurance you will be getting and when it comes to co-payments, how much and how many times a year you have to pay before the co-pay goes away. Using a health insurance comparison tool is also a good idea too. Looking at each policy side by side will help with comparisons and don’t be afraid to ask the insurance broker the hard questions. Make them work for you, not the other way around and becoming a just a cash cow to them. We are people, not numbers and we do have situations that do not fit either the round or square holes.

The insurance issues I am experiencing does not help matters with my upcoming PSA retest to determine if I have prostrate cancer. If I do and I have to face the harsh reality of not being able to afford the treatments, then so be it; and I will accept the situation. Nothing in life is ever easy, but the insurance that we have paid for should at least be better able to cover us in our times of need.

Have a good week, check the insurance rider and if it is just as butt ugly as my coverage has become; make the choice and kick it to the curb too and find something a bit better. Perhaps with enough doing it, insurance companies will take notice of us as people and not some number that can be sucked dry for a monthly premium not even worth paying.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA


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