Enterprising Young Men and Women Too

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In J.J. Abrahams 2009 movie Star Trek, which rebooted the franchise it gave us some hope of new adventures and some even new music that has proven to be inspiring. The following link YouTube http://youtu.be/EMu5jP2-c5U is of what is undeniably has become the new music theme of Star Trek. If you go to YouTube and enter the search term “Enterprising Young Men” which was scored by Michael Giacchino; it will return a number of results that range from high school bands both stationary and of the marching (the marching performances are interesting) to semi-professional performances including competitions where its performance garnered the performers awards it has proven to be inspiring.

Can we the people inspire those in Washington D.C. to get their act together no matter who wins? Frankly, with divisiveness as Congress and the White House have been of late say the last four years I don’t see improvement no matter who wins, loses or gets tied. It may be that we have to start yanking the Senate and Congress members by the short hairs to get their attention. Of course, since it is an election year everyone who is running for reelection will say what we all want to hear and walk the walk; but come time to do it the winners and the sore losers will butt heads again and we just might be stuck yet again with stop gap budgets and finger pointing while the Super PACs, besides themselves will ramp up for the next election in 2016. So far the candidates have spent 2 Billion US Dollars in this election year so they can either win, lose or get into a very embarrassing tie could result in the election being settled by Congress which will leave a lot of angry voters. (Congress and Senate members should make sure their life and health insurance is paid up if that happens; because people will be angry.)

It may take some enterprising moves by people who are represented by the current incumbent’s to make them actually act accordingly. It should be all done legally and ethically with no threats of violence or harm though I am sure there will be some towing the tar trailer with a bag full of feathers to use on their respective representative if they don’t get off the soap box and do what needs to be done. Finger pointing is useless, hence I don’t want to point them at any one group or party but each party the Democratic and Republican along with the myriad of independents have not acted in the best wishes of the people they represent. An old saying comes to mind, “Divided We Fall, United We Stand” is well worth being said to those who represent us. I hope people will send an e-mail, hand written note or even a fax to say that to your representative; so that they do understand that we need to start working together because four more years of inaction will result in more failures.

There are numerous young men and women who are working to bring the divisiveness to an end, they are wanting get the communication across the aisles going again. That is what we are lacking at the moment; communication. It is for most to conceive then task at hand by both the President and Congress in getting on the same track and page. The gerrymandering, the accusations only work to divide and do nothing to solidify the goals at hand which is bringing back the jobs that is needed to help get the United States on track to prosperity that the politicians claim they can do. They claims are baseless if they fail to negotiate and come to a mutual agreement and this means not kowtowing to the numerous lobby groups that can be found on the capital grounds at one time or another.

Remember inspiration comes in many forms and no matter how it happens; one will hope that the enterprising men and women working behind the scenes will get things jumpstarted this election year. Please if you have not early voted, do so or go to the polls on Election Day and ignore the idiot talking heads on the news coverage that Election Day if they say a certain person has won. You can help decide the vote, and yank by the short hair any electoral college participant who wants to change their vote when they don’t agree with the voters.

Have a great day.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA

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