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I have not written a blog since 2012, my WordPress site had been sitting unused and neglected. I began going to college through an online program through the University of Phoenix in 2013, and as I approach my fourth year of school when I graduate 2018; I came to realize that writing had over the past three years become a stabilizing factor for me when I was writing college papers.

It can have its up and downs, where you are critiqued on what you write for a specific class paper for that semester. It is December 25, 2017, Christmas Day and I sat down and reconfigured the blog as I had time on my hands. I removed all my old posts, as looking at them I realized they were a great deal dated. After cleaning things out, I thought about my new first post.

The old title of the blog, “Exploring Life’s Moments” was to be no longer a real valid view of the blog, so I decided on a new one, and the blog is simply, “What You Read, Is What You Get.” It is frankly “The Outlook from Me.”

Nothing fancy, some musings from time to time, since I will be back to doing college papers to complete my education.

I have been looking for the girlfriend to be with, but over the years have had no real success, I am not a bar hopper, and that kind of places do not really interest me. I have been viewing the dating sites, as usual, the first couple of “messages” that I received were the usual. “Contact me here, so we don’t have to use the site email to talk, here is my email address, nancyabc@scammer.com.” Had not one, but two send me messages wanting to get in contact outside of the dating site email. Sorry ladies, but seen enough of those.

2017, has not been a kind year for many. We have a sitting president who abused women, refuses to apologize and ignores the facts. I genuinely believe in events that are backed up by scientific fact and evidence, unlike President Donald J. Trump and the rest of his cronies that have filled the cabinet. It will be his undoing and will be welcomed. I think that when he finds himself facing impeachment, he will finally resign. Let’s hope that he resigns or is impeached before resuming the war with North Korea, that has been in a cease-fire since 1953.

Cooking can be soothing, it tantalizes the senses, and when you experiment with new ways to cook, it can get interesting. One cannot avoid the infomercials that take place during the holiday season, we are inundated with them. I will generally switch the channel to avoid them anyway. But what if something catches your eye? One product did, and it is the Instapot. My mother, upon seeing it being demonstrated on “Dr.Oz,” decided she wanted to get one. This was on the 23rd of December. I of course dutifully began looking for such a new cooking device.

We are not much on shopping, so we turned to making phone calls to the various stores that were supposed to be carrying it. Of course, it being a Saturday there was little chance that a store would have it. Walmart, Target, Best Buy were all out of stock. In doing my research for the Instapot, I ended up turning to http://www.instapot.com, to find out whom else may have been selling it. To my surprise, Kroger was a listed seller, and calling my local store I was happy to find that they had one.

After getting there, I initially had problems finding it, but finally locating the store employee to whom I had spoken to, I was able to see the Instapot which was hidden away in the “gift” area. (When unique items are sold, you can find them in an area where the store considers it a specialty item.)

The hunt paid off, and bringing it home we unpacked it then took it on an operational trial run. It operated as it should have, and on Christmas Day we prepped it for the pot roast that we had initially been bought for the Slow Cooker. As I write, the Instapot is busy at work, cooking the roast that generally we would have placed in the Slow Cooker earlier in the day.

When I write, it will be just the random thoughts that I have at the moment, or perhaps some issue that has piqued my interest. Some may view the blog as dull, or even outlandish, but I hope many will find it amusing and thought-provoking at the same time.

Finally, in closing, treat others the way you want to be treated; and think about what you will say before saying it. Words already uttered are hard to take back, and can have a lasting impact on many. Whether a man or woman, being inappropriate with someone can be leaving damaging implications on them. They may be too young to complain at the moment, but what one has done will come back later as we have already seen for so many people in positions of power. Enjoy the holiday’s, try to make someone’s life a bit more merry and happy so that they can have warm memory and not a dark one.

There is a simple truth, evidence-based and scientific-based facts are real and cannot be ignored. Alternative realities are fake and can be one’s undoing. Remember that Mr. Trump.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, Georgia USA


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Stephen Sauls

Age 57, single and never married. Born and raised in Georgia. Ex-US NAVY Veteran. Live and work in the Atlanta area.

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