The World of Warships Rank and Clan Battle Hot Spot Map

I want to discuss the chart appropriately titled “Hot Spot” by its creators, World of Warships at and how you can win on this map if you follow the suggestive course of actions. In the game, I am known as Ballermaris, and I am the clan leader of Caspian Division, or in the game by its tag as (CASP).

This chart is also used in Random Battle scenarios, but the Capture Points do differ in their placement. Still, the layout will be familiar to those who have played “Hot Spot” in any type of battle that this chart has appeared in.

(Clan-Destine, 2017)

In the Ranked Battles, the spawn points are at either north of A which is shown as green and in the south, it is displayed as red. Regardless of ship types, the object of the battle is of course to win. I show the general movement of teams with the solid green and red lines to their respective capture points of A and B. As the reader may see, there is the solid yellow line that is drawn to capture point C. Any team headed to that point can generally be quickly defeated, if you do the following, regardless of your orientation on the chart.

Your position at A or B would generally lead to the progression of sailing onward in the capture point C. However, this is where you will be able to pull out a solid win if you follow this game plan from the get-go. Returning to the red and green dashed lines, that will be your next battle course which will take you respectfully into the center area of the three islands as shown with the blue arrows. You will want to have your destroyers to screen the heavies, i.e., the Battleships and Cruisers as they engage their opposites on the battlefield.

The enemy has made a high-speed run to Point C to capture it. Generally, they will be the destroyers of the opposite team, which in itself is a good thing. They are in essence, now bottled and pinned down by your side who has likely annihilated those protecting Points A or B. You will want to return a token force to the start point of your mission; which will be either A or B. The destroyers trapped in C; will try to contest the take-over of their teams capture point, and will want to return. You can then set up a three-way ambush cross-fire. With your team in the blue arrow area which will be backed up by those in Points A and B.

Some things that can help with the battle is having at least a 14 point captain on your ships, especially the battleships. German ships Bismark and Tirpitz, which have some of the most extended ranged secondaries in the game at Tier 8 can benefit from manual fire control. The US battleships Alabama and North Carolina can utilize their secondaries rather well with manual fire-control. The IJN battleships Amagi and Kii too have favor with this skill. The main reason behind having that manual fire control ability is that if you are going toe to toe with another battleship; having those secondaries also active can help start fires and while you are engaging the enemy you are delivering damage over time.

At all times maintain situational awareness, as any of those ships in Point C and slip out and try to do a reverse ambush on any of your teammates. Listen to the communications of those around you and always acknowledge any alerts you will get from the team, because it may save yourself from taking a torpedo.

Stephen E Sauls


Chamblee, GA.


Clan-Destine. (2017, December 31). Retrieved from World of Warships: