The Future Voters are Acting

    With the recent Parkland, Florida mass shooting that left seventeen dead, students that are in high school are taking a stand against gun violence. Many politicians seem to ignore what will be the future voters who can decide their fates for reelection. The same goes for President Donald J. Trump who is ignoring them for the money he sees himself getting for his reelection in 2020 which will never happen. With social media, students can coordinate activities on a scale never seen before and with protests on March 24th, 2018 across the nation and in Washington D.C., the political establishment will face the consequences of inaction in future elections if they fail to act.

    While we support the right to bear arms, and as a gun owner, we cannot support the use of weapons the likes of the AR-15 or the AK-47, both of which are intended for use on a battlefield and against soldiers, they do not have a place in the hands of untrained individuals. With so many school shootings, some want to arm teachers. Most teachers have an aversion to carrying a weapon, as they are there in a school to educate young minds, not to kill them. Also because evidence suggests with some recent accidental discharges of weapons in schools, for example, this news report, (Accidental Gun Discharge) suggests that this is not a viable option.

    The politicians are ignoring the future voters, and will ultimately pay the price for their stupidity. Students are becoming much smarter, better educated than their parents and better communicators who are willing to stand up for changes. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has redoubled efforts to advertise online after the Parkland shooting to sway current politicians and of course the parents of the future voters (NRA Advertising) by spending heavily in online advertising.

    Current students who are marching today, want to protect not only themselves but those that will follow in their footsteps. Students want an education without being in an atmosphere of fear not knowing if they will go to school one morning only to have an active shooting take place and witness a classmates death. We as adults should support their endeavors and not hinder. These future adults will be making decisions that will affect us as we become seniors in life. Their actions today will be their legacy that the students will carry forward.

Stephen E Sauls

Chamblee, GA USA


Published by

Stephen Sauls

Age 57, single and never married. Born and raised in Georgia. Ex-US NAVY Veteran. Live and work in the Atlanta area.

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