World of Warships Map Insight for a Successful Win

I enjoy playing the game Worl of Warships, which is an online MMO involving warships that the player uses to fight against other players. It puts the player on different maps that appear in both the Random Battle, Ranked Battle and in the Clan Battle scenario. I can be found in the game as Ballermaris, and I am a Clan Leader for Caspian Division or (CASP) which is the clan’s tag in World of Warships.

(Clan-Destine, 2017)

The map that is displayed appears currently in the World of Warships Ranked Battle and has been observed in the Clan Battle scenarios. For those who have seen this chart all too often, and then wonder how you can win on it. I offer some insight and an explanation so that no matter if you are on the North or South side of the chart, you can pull off a win if you follow the suggestions that I will lay out.

A, B, and C are the capture points in which each team is faced with when starting out on this chart. You see the primary spawn points for the North and South Teams, with their general orientation. For each team, they have to make a choice, and that is to create a quick capture. However, enticing as it may appear, Capture Point C is, in fact, a death trap for either team when on this chart. Look at the yellow arrows and the large yellow “X,” and regardless of your team’s position, ignore Capture Point “C.”

Note the long Red Arrow in a North and South orientation, that will be the battleground where you will make your stand. Regardless of your team’s makeup by ship class, if you efficiently capture either “A” or “B” that is where you will battle the other side as they try to engage you.

The team that is engaging you will have to cross a lot of open water, and therefore whoever is able to capture “A” or “B” points first will have control of this chart. You can grind them down, one by one as they attempt to pass through the openings, but be wary that either team can sneak a destroyer on the North or South side of the map and ambush you instead.

If you maintain control of the chart at “A” and “B” you can win the battle, even if they still have managed to Capture Point “C.”

Hopefully, this will help you win a battle or two on this chart. Good luck, and Fair Winds and Following Seas.

Stephen E Sauls



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